Kirsty White

After growing up on a remote farm in the hills of the Wairarapa, before attending the boarding school at Napier Girls High, Kirsty has been left with a legacy of love for our landscape.

Now as a Wellington based printmaker, she lives on the rugged south coast, where she has enjoyed translating this love of landscape using layers of texture and tone through the printmaking process.

Kirsty’s hand printed landscape and native bush etchings are merged with patterning, printed from bamboo wood engravings. This enables her to convey a narrative, reflecting a sense of this countries journey within a contemporary landscape. Story telling through pattern work is common across cultures here in the Pacific, Kirsty incorporates it into her art as a way to express that. The result can give the impression of masi or tapa cloth from which she draws inspiration, along with Māori toi whakairo (art carving). Kirsty’s work is highly original and imbued with her passion for the beauty and stories of Aotearoa.