Lynette Holschier

Lynette Holschier’s artistic journey began with childhood curiosity and a tin of watercolour paints.

As a little girl, she revelled in the vibrant pans of colour, mixing them with water to bring life to paper and colouring books. Although watercolour isn’t her primary medium today, its immediacy still inspires her.

Formal art training wasn’t part of Lynette’s journey. Instead, life experiences and intuition guided her. She chose to break free from rules, embracing her unique path. Starting with a blank canvas or white paper, she watched the substrate transform through layers of colour—whether in pencil, acrylic, watercolour, or oil. But it’s the humble coloured pencil that truly captivates her.

Lynette taught herself to manipulate these sticks of pure pigment, encased in wood or not, bound with oil or wax. Coloured pencils transport her to a happy place, wherever she may be. Her keen eye observes people and the world, imagining their stories. And so, each art piece begins—a testament to self-expression, resilience, and the beauty found in imperfection.