Maiken Calkoen

Maiken Calkoen studied Architecture and now works as a Design and Visual Communication teacher at Karamu High School.

She began painting once she completed university, and was most inspired by the places she lived overseas. In 2015 she returned to her home town of Hastings and documented that experience through a series of architectural photographs.

Maiken is a passionate advocate for Hawke’s Bay and has produced many paintings with this region as the predominant subject matter. She has exhibited a number of times, including East 2020 at the Hastings City Art Gallery. Her paintings incorporate vibrant colour, panoramic views, strong perspective, and observation of light as distinctive to the season or time of day. In 2022 Maiken completed a Fulbright Teaching Scholarship at Indiana University Pennsylvania where she participated in a landscape painting course. This has led to a more recent focus on paintings of Hastings and Napier architecture.